About us

Treetop initiative was born from the idea of supporting affected people and families during the COVID-19 crisis. We are a group of designers and artists using our wit and will to make something useful to people and help those who are in need.


Harpreet Singh (Herry)

Chief Serving Officer (CSO)

Herry’s approach to creating illustrations is via direct experience and connection to his surroundings. When he isn’t in public life, he is on motor bike travelling to be in nature, trekking, learning from distinct cultures, and mostly staying quiet.


Surya Prakash Rao

Chief Illustrator. Designer

Surya has a keen eye for detail and vivid sense of imagination. He loves the challenge of pushing the boundaries on what’s possible. Surya is witty and makes us all laugh with his classic one liners and voice impersonations. On his time off Surya plays his own music on keyboard, we love listening to his jams. 


Lisian Dias

Director (UI/UX and Arts)

Lisian is always trying to bring in wisdom to the team. He’s a big fan and student of arts in general, an amazing illustrator and musician on his free time. He carefully takes cares of the little things which end up having a powerful and great impact on us.