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Sadhguru App V2

Connect with Sadhguru to get personal guidence.

UI Design
UX Design
Content Strategy
Interaction Design

Why this new version of Sadhguru App?

Previous app was scattered in many ways in terms of direction and had these problems- Too many accent colors, Inconsistent Visual Styles, visually busy, the focus on content was minimal, there were legibility issues and it lacked motivating images

Sadhguru’s vision is for every person on the planet to have a drop of spirituality. But users come with different needs and at different life stages so naturally they need a solution that works for them. If only we could leverage an app to map these solutions to the right person.

Playful Branding

Connect with natives with similar interests

Verified & Dedicated Tutors

Immerse yourself in their culture.

Get help in real time in conversations.

Courses for everyone

Conversation icebreakers powered by A.I.


Harpreet and his team were great to work with! They delivered quality work every step of the way.

There is no one way to learn a language however there are effective ways like start speaking from day one. Yes, that’s how you go.

How do I learn a language?

How do I learn a language?

  • Being able to carry on a conversation effortlesly.

  • Having a solid vocabulary in the language.

  • How easily a native speaker understands what the learner is trying to convey.

  • It can also mean getting along well with minimum amount of translation in your head.

What does it mean to speak “fluently”?

What does it mean to speak “fluently”?

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